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Catholic Therapist in Castle Rock, IFS Provider, Christian Counseling in Castle Rock, Therapist in Castle Rock

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Christian Counseling for the Catholic Community


Catholic Therapist in Castle Rock, Therapist in Castle Rock, IFS Provider, Christian Counselors in Castle Rock

we are here to help

If you've been struggling and maybe even feel hesitant about reaching out, we are here to help. Accendo Counseling has Catholic therapists in Castle Rock for any time you feel like you need an extra helping hand. No matter the unique challenges that life can throw at you, we are dedicated to helping you thrive by providing IFS-informed providers, trauma specialists, cognitive behavior therapy, and strengths-based models. 

accendo: (verb) (Latin) — enkindle or ignite

Accendo Counseling is a faith-based private practice providing professional mental health services. Our passion is to build relationships that are based on trust and non-judgement to help you thrive.


We believe in developing unique and individualized plans to effectively manage any struggles or difficult moments and provide a pathway to thrive in life. The best mental health treatment starts with meeting the client where they are, and introducing faith as part of the treatment plan at the discretion of our clients.


Our mission is to ignite the flame within you to achieve balance, grow from your struggles, heal from your pain, and obtain overall emotional wellbeing.

Catholic Therapist in Castle Rock, IFS Provider, Christian Counseling in Castle Rock

About Me

“Lord, may the light you have lit in my soul never be extinguished.”  - St. Gianna Beretta Molla


I am dedicated to creating a safe, comfortable, genuine, and trusted space for my clients to provide them the tools to navigate difficult times, process emotions and experiences, and develop plans to achieve their goals. Together we can create practical strategies for every day. 

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