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5 Tips for Spiritual and Mental Wellbeing

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St. Francis de Sales (1567-1622) wrote The Introduction to the Devout LIfe. This spiritual guide contains practical steps for achieving holiness and is something I find beneficial for my clients. I have shared St. Francis de Sales’ words of wisdom often. These tips will help develop healthy habits for your spiritual and mental wellbeing:

Find a Faithful Friend

Who do you have in your life that shares your faith beliefs, morals, and values? Spend some meaningful time with them. We are not meant to face the world alone. We know that God is always with us, but we are also meant to be in community with others and not isolated. Intentionally seek out good people and friends who will help you to be a better person. If you have a difficult time making friends, find a group to join with interests in common. Does your church offer bible studies or social groups? Start there.

Commit to Daily Prayer

Those who have a consistent prayer life report a better sense of wellbeing and more peace throughout their daily lives. Find a consistent time to sit with God in prayer - even 10 minutes per day can change your perspective and outlook. If you don’t know what to say to God, try listening to Him to see what He has to say to you. Keep it simple by reading the Scripture for the day (

Practice Retreating to the Solitude of your Heart

Sometimes, you need to quieten your mind even when you are in a crowd of people. Practice ways to center yourself even when you are around others. Take a few deep breaths, and focus on what you are holding in your heart at that moment. Follow this link for some breathing techniques:

Find God During your Tasks and Responsibilities

It is easy to forget God when we are busy with all our tasks and responsibilities. It takes practice to find Him during the most mundane daily chores. Try this: Say the Lord's name and/or create a phrase that you can use to call upon the Lord. Another example is to pray for your kids while you are doing their laundry, washing dishes, and cooking dinner. Before you know it, your daily tasks will not feel as repetitive or thankless.


Staying in a place of gratitude is very helpful to maintaining your spiritual and mental wellbeing. When we are continually grateful, we don’t have time to complain or to only see the negative in our situations. What are three things for which you are grateful? Try creating a gratitude journal and writing short thoughts daily or weekly. For tips on how to create a gratitude journal, visit

Catholic Therapist in Castle Rock, IFS Provider, Christian Counselors in Castle Rock, Therapist in Castle Rock


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