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A little more about Angelle

There is always a bit of fear, anxiety, and (crazy enough) joy and freedom in sitting down to write about why you are choosing to help others. That is what I am feeling right now! Some people have a natural gift and desire to help others which I believe I possess and when I combine this with my own life experiences of suffering, struggle, and growth then I am a force to be reckoned with. Why? Because I can journey with you! There is a level of empathy and compassion I can offer you. I would never wish suffering on another person, but I wouldn’t ask for my suffering to have been taken away from me either. Weird? Well... the reality is, no one is immune to suffering in their life. Life is full of peaks and valleys and it is how we move through these moments that create the person we are today. Are you the person you want to be? I have participated in my own therapy, leaned into my Catholic faith, and used my support system. A 20-year journey that has led me to this moment... A moment where God has led me to be a partner with you on YOUR journey.

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Mental health can and does affect all areas of our life. We go to the doctor when we have a physical ailment, see a dentist to care for our teeth, learn how to have healthy nutrition habits, and exercise for good health, and studies show that in caring for our physical body that our mental health is affected. What we feed our thoughts will directly impact our behavior and our bodies. It helps to have someone to guide you. Do you strive to be a better person? Do you feel stagnant in your life and can’t move forward? Want to move away from the way it has always been? Truthfully, we cannot be okay with how it’s ALWAYS been because God did not make us to be mediocre but to be EXTRAordinary. I am here to squash the stigma that seeing a therapist means something negative.

Asking someone to walk with you as you grow into the person you want to be is BRAVE and SMART. As much as I would LOVE for you to come and see me, I may not be the best fit for you. HOWEVER, I think everyone needs a therapist in their life. If you aren’t sure about me, then we can have a confidential phone conversation where you ask questions and see if I would be a fit for YOU. If not, that is OKAY, seriously it is okay, I can help you find someone else. I went through a lot of therapists before I found one that worked for me. I want to journey with everyone who seeks help whether it is from me or from someone else. YOU deserve it and I am proud of you for seeking it out.


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